Online Evers Marketing

In 2015, Sonja Evers and Jacqueline Evers started an Online Marketing and Training business.  Focusing on helping brands grow their online business and reach their goals.. We help our clients succeed by building creative, innovative digital campaigns around a dynamic social media presence.

Trainings and advise for Search Engine Optimization

Online Evers Marketing provide trainings to entrepreneurs and companies in search engine optimization to increase high-ranking placement in the search results page of a search engine. The trainings are easy to understand and after the training you are able to start optimizing your own website.

We also teach entrepreneurs to set up and maintain Business Facebook pages with appropriate messages that match their target audience. Clients can also outsource their Social Media accounts to us and in return, we deliver and manage content designed to engage the appropriate audience. Our clients are very diverse ranging from owners of dog show services, yoga studios, car dealers, banks and photographers.

Effective Social Media

More and more companies realize that promotion via social media does not mean just owning a Facebook account. They are in need of Social Meida help to create an effective marketing strategy and consistent use of social media posts to drive targeted traffic. Social networks are one of the fastest growing industries in the world.

Need marketing advise or a training how to optimize your website? Or you have other questions please contact us via mail or call us.